Sunday, December 6, 2009


This year was a monster truck themed bowling party. I don't think any of the kids have actually been bowling before, so this was a lot of fun! Lucas had 4 out of 5 friends attend! Here are some pictures from his party...Enjoy!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Alana in the past

Ok, so I'm taking this mini iPhoto class these next couple weeks and I made my first slideshow with it. I LOVE iPhoto! Alana is the star of this show, particularly because the folder I was looking at and first tried had a huge number of Alana pics. So I decided to just make it of her. It was fun remembering what she was like just a year and a half ago! She grew so quickly!

Family update...James is officially out-processing from the military! He's very excited, while I'm a bit nervous, and Katie will miss seeing her Dad perform in the Army Band, something she's seen him do all her life! So it is the beginning of the end...or the end and a new beginning...hmmm....

Katie is still trucking away at school, work, and organized social life. She still LOVES school and is so incredibly independent!

Lucas is learning Spanish and knows his numbers up to 15! And he can count a little past 30. He is learning to write better at school and is doing great there! He will be 4 in December and we are already planning his Bday...he wants a bowling party with Monster trucks. Lucas is really excited for it and can't wait for it to come.

Alana is the youngest in her class and is apparently the smartest as well. She knows about half of her letters, can count to 8, knows all her colors and is a joy to be around at daycare. During her parent-teacher conference, Jessica started out with a huge THANK YOU! Alana has a love/hate relationship with another girl in her class...they are either best friends or are having cat fights. Either way, what does this say for a teenage Alana?

As for me...I'm surviving...looking forward to Thanksgiving and Christmas breaks...

Until next time ~

Monday, October 26, 2009

Lucas "reading"

Here's Alana in a beautiful dress! What a girl! And then a closeup of her boo-boo above her right eyebrow. She tripped and fell into the edge of the wall at daycare.

Here's Lucas in his costume. He LOVES it and both he and Alana can't wait to go trick-or-treating! They've been "practicing" at home!

So here is Lucas reading Brown Bear, Brown Bear to Alana...very cute! Yes, he's naked...if you were wondering, but it's rather dark, so...


Sunday, September 13, 2009


Alana is now 2 years old! September 10th was her actual birthday and we held her birthday party on Sept.12th outside at our house. We kept it small. 2 of our guest could not make child refused to take a nap and was having a meltdown and the other one was sick...the flu is going around up here, so a lot of people are sick! Lucas's friend, Torin, came as well as Little Curt and Renzella, a caregiver with whom Alana bonded with dearly while she was at Open Arms daycare center.

A little bit about Alana at 2 years old. She absolutely LOVES her brother! Alana always wants to do whatever Lucas is doing, so it is difficult to pin down exactly what she truly likes from what she likes because of Lucas. She loves to eat, but is NOT a carnviore. If there is one food she could do without, it is meat of any kind. But we get her to at least eat some anyway. Alana loves school and is now with Lucas in the big-kid part of the daycare. Alana only uses her pacifier during naptime and bedtime. She is extremely easy to put down to sleep! :) Alana has always been into clothes. In fact, for awhile, she absolutely refused to put on dresses, but will now put them on with a smile. Many times we bring out something that she will not wear, so she is a bit picky sometimes, especially about pants. Alana is starting to get into barrets and likes that they are pretty. She's getting a bit too big to conquer the dogs like she used to and is almost into 3T clothes!

That's it for now...Here are a few pics...

Friday, July 17, 2009

Grandma Morgan sings to Alana

Thought Grandma Morgan would like to know what went on at the other end of the phone while she sand to Alana...too cute!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Oh, the trials of broken bones...

So, June 7th, two days before the nice long 10-day TDY (work trip for those of you who aren't familiar with military terms...) we were having a great dinner with great friends who were leaving for the lower 48 the following weekend for good...Pizzas were baking, conversations were going, kids were laughing and bouncing on the couch...and then...Alana crying. She had bounced right off the couch onto the floor on all fours. So, at first, we thought it was nothing...then as the crying never seemed to stop, James and I wisked Alana away to the ER while our friends spent some quality time with, obviously not us, but with Lucas. We were in and out of the ER with Alana in a quick 3 hours, splinted fractured leg and all, home to say good-night to Lucas who was still a bit upset with us for not giving him kisses, noses, and hugs before we snuck out of the house...pic is below of Alana when returned. She had a very rough evening! Grandpa Morgan did a digital signing of the photo on her splint.

The splint was replaced on June 10th with a lovely pink cast, the color of which was picked out completely by Alana! She was brave and did well that day! Beware...she may get you feeling completely sorry for her in this upcoming video!

I spent the first two weeks keeping her off her splint and wasn't too difficult since it caused her pain to walk on it before. However, she still enjoyed bike rides to the park (shhhhh...don't tell Grandpa Morgan! He'd freak out!) and swinging on the swings (again...don't tell Grandpa Morgan!). At least she was off of her leg, right?!?! Here is Alana having fun on the swings! Believe or not, she could swing just as well with a cast on as with it off! It was only 2 or so weeks ago that Alana was scared to swing and would only swing just a little itty bit! But because Alana wants to do EVERYTHING Lucas does, she kept asking to go "bigger" and "Bigger" and "BIGGER"!

Here's another video...this time Alana is sharing her joy of a cast with our furrier kiddos.

So, case settled...Alana is doing wonderfully. We can't keep her off the cast now and it has become a part of her. She has worked her magic and learned to live with it. She can basically do everything except take a bath, go swimming or play in the rain, or walk up and down the stairs (although she has already tried...). She will be out of her pink pretty and into a walking cast on the 8th of July. SO glad it will be off before our trip to Oregon!

Sunday, May 31, 2009

First Camping Trip

We took Lucas and Alana on their first camping trip! At Rose Hip Campground along the Chena River. The kids had a GREAT time! Alana is such a little explorer and Lucas had no problem finding a multitude of things to do that scared the living daylight out of us; luckily, we found ourselves home the next day having all survived. Lucas loved walking through the brush, with Alana shortly behind him. They jumped off benches, dug in the sand, walked in the water and roasted hotdogs! It was a great time! With a little drizzle and sunshine mixed in between. Unfortunately, it got a bit too cold during the night and we booked it on out of there around 4am! Must go b/c Alana has found me with the computer...

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